87degrees (87_degrees) wrote in ed_ucate,

Curious about laxatives

All the information I've read about laxatives says that they don't work at all as a weight loss tool. During my bulimia, at least until I'd started recovering, I didn't read up on eating disorders because I didn't believe I was disordered. This meant I didn't see posts on online communities or read books about bulimia sufferers taking laxatives, so it never occurred to me to take them.

Now, I don't understand why they're such a commonly used tool for bulimics. Looking at the diagnostic criteria for this group, laxatives are second on the list. I'm wondering if anyone has any theories as to why.

Do they make a person feel less full after a binge? Or was it just that a few people started and that other bulimics, searching for some quick fix weight loss tool saw and wondered if laxatives could help them too?

Bulimics do often look for tips and techniques, using documentaries and films about eating disorders as a source of ideas for new ways to purge or lose weight. But it seems strange to me that laxative use could be so widespread just from that if they really don't work.
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