fade away and radiate (bitchorexic) wrote in ed_ucate,
fade away and radiate

rules reminder

Hey, everyone, I've noticed that there are some posts from the last few weeks that are asking medical questions, and I wanted to post a reminder of the rules.


It's OK to mention medical topics in a discussion setting. I know it's kind of a fine distinction, but try to think about it before you post.

OK questions:
- Has anyone ever been to ____________ facility? What was it like for you?
- What is _______________ treatment like? Have you experienced this? Was it helpful to you personally?
- Here's an interesting study of the effect of ______________ vitamin/food. What are your opinions on this research?

BAD questions:
- How much of ______________ medication should I take?
- Will I be OK if I do ___________________ with my meds/food/body?
- I have ____________________ symptoms. What does this mean?

Please see http://ed-ucate.livejournal.com/161715.html for more information.

Basically, ask yourself, "Is a doctor going to be the best person to answer this question?" If the answer is yes, please do not post it in a non-discussion context.
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