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Be ambitious.

permissive vs strict parents

I'm a whore when it comes to searching through the memories, and I don't think this has been discussed before. If it has, I'm sorry, and I'll delete this post.

But I was wondering one thing, and I would like to hear what everyone else has to say.

were your parents overly restrictive, or overly permissive, or somewhere in the middle, when it came to your eating habits as a child?

My parents were too permissive about food. Ever since I can remember, my dad would say every five minutes, are you hungry? are you hungry? are you hungry? We would stop at convienence stores, gas stations, etc, just to buy snacks when dinner was waiting on the table in a couple of hours. My dad had (still does) an abnormally fast metabolism and could eat anything he wanted while maintaining an almost emaciated look. When I was younger, my metabolism was like his, and I grew up thinking I could eat whatever I wanted and still be skinny. My mom's metabolism was more average, and she became heavy because she got used to our eating habits. Food was something we never had a shortage of. I would wear clothes from Walmart and Kmart and had to use my dad's beat up flute in the fifth grade band, but we could afford to spend $200+ a week on groceries.
Not that I'm blaming them (entirely, lol) for my ed, but I've always wondered if I had grown up in a household where eating was done when one was hungry, not as an act of boredom, stress, depression, or a recreational activity, would I have developed an eating disorder at all? probably, but maybe not as severe? *shrug* so what about you guys?
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