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Mental/Physical abuse with parents/father.

Is anyone here physically abused by their parents? I've actually been abused most of my life without really knowing it, and most of the time it was extreme mental abuse and physical whenever I "did something wrong." I always felt it was my fault until recently.

Half of me feels really guilty and the other half is getting annoyed and pointing things out.

Most of the time he's called me a fat bitch, cunt, slut, and once he even started preaching about, "I feel sorry for any guy that gets close to you."

It's no surprise I've avoided relationships throughout high school and now going into college, I haven't even been kissed.

The mental abuse is still very frequent. He sees me on average, two weekends in a month, but he still thinks he knows everything about me. I try my best to argue back, but then the whole, "You're not always right," thing comes up.

But it's alright, he's virtually planted himself in my brain. This way whenever I do one little thing wrong, I end up hating myself for days.

Anyone else care to share something?
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