finding herself through process of elimination (lovelymishap) wrote in ed_ucate,
finding herself through process of elimination

Personality Changes Due to EDs

I looked through the memories and didn't see anything like this, but if I missed it...sorry. :)

So the scenario- I've gotten comments from family and friends on how I seem "different" in the past year or so, and I've noticed that when I meet new people, they have an entirely different impression of me than people used to get. The people in my classes this year ask me why I am so quiet, I've had teachers come up and ask me if things are wrong or why I always seem so sad etc.

Now this kind of surprises me, because I used to be loud and would always answer in class, I was always laughing, I made friends easily, etc.

I do feel that this is a product of my eating disorder, I've become much more introspective and quiet, I don't really enjoy going out with my friends as much anymore. Loud people make me cringe. So my question- do you feel that your eating disorder has changed your personality? If so, how?

If you have had your eating disorder since childhood, do you think that your personality would be different without it?
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