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Regarding hunger.

For those of you who restrict or fast (or, really, anyone-- it's just that this probably primarily affects people in this group) I have a question. What is your 'hungry' feeling like?

Er, that's not very eloquently or clearly put... But, yes, examples-- for me, I rarely if ever feel 'hungry' in the sense that a 'Normal Eater' might. No stomach growling or hunger pains-- and when I do, I can usually be satisfied with something as small as a few sips of water or some crackers. Even when I've had nothing for the whole day, I hardly ever feel actually 'hungry'. HOWEVER-- I do want food. This is kind of hard to explain-- it's like, more of a hungry brain feeling. After a period of fasting or restricting, I'll start to desire food even if I'm not physically hungry (although, I consider this seperate from an urge to 'cheat' or 'binge, because I feel like I should be hungry when it happens).

Well, I'm rambling-- but what are your experiences? Do you end up getting dizzy/weak? Do you actually have hunger pains? Or are there any people out there like me, for whom it seems to be more of a mental thing.
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