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amenorrhea and recovery

I have self-diagnosed myself with ED-NOS, I am not extremely eating disordered but disordered enough to have not had a period for a year and a half, I am mostly excersize bulimic, I can't make myself not eat at all, nor do I want to , I never binge, I am vomit-phobic so that never happens, but I used to restrict myself a lot and excersize after I ate, depending on what it was

To those of you in recovery, how much weight did you personally have to gain before you got your period back and when it did come back did it come back normally? Meaning did you get your period for the same amount of days and around the same time each month that you did before you lost your period.

for some reason for the past couple of weeks, but old habits are hard to break, I still excersize too much apparently (all I really do is jog in place for 45 minutes a day and when I work I am on my feet walking around a huge store all day) and I don't eat healthy at all. I all of a sudden really don't care about being thin anymore, it's taking up too much of my time and my thoughts and I am sick of it.

I think the main reason my disordered eating began was boredom, and wussing out on talking to a guy I had a big crush on (silly right?)

I am not sure if someone suspects there is something wrong with me or not, maybe they do, my dad jokes a few months ago about taking me to the doctor for anorexia but I denied it,and a few of his friends asked if I was sick because I got so thin but I've gained a little weight since then and I don't think they hear me excersizing so I don't know if they think anything is wrong.

Anyway, back to my question, I hear all of the time on the news about how people should get at least 30 minutes of excersize a day and I need to add more fats and healthy things to my diet to regain my period but I am not sure if just eating more fats will help me get it back or if I have to stop my excersizing too since walking around work all day might be enough excersize for me. I guess I will figure it out with trial and error and I know everyone is different but I am curious to what others have done to get better.

I don't know if this is important but I am around 110 and 5'5 , lowest weight was 104 ,
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