allison wonderland (daydreamingx) wrote in ed_ucate,
allison wonderland

Senior Project on Eating Disorders

Hi everyone! At my school, we get to pick a subject of our choice to do a yearlong project on that consists of a paper, an experiential (getting in the field) project, and an oral presentation. My question is, "What are the psychological, neurological and environmental causes of eating disorders?"
My teacher also teaches Media Studies and is absolutely convinced that the media is to blame. I personally know that that was never the case with me, and many of my disordered friends agree that it played little to no role in their ED. I was wondering, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, if you could tell me what you think the causes of your disorder might be. I'm really passionate about this project because I see so much miseducation in my peers, who seem to think anorexia and bulimia are mere diets or insults to be used on excessively thin people, and I think that this project has the potential to change that. Anyway, this is all just for a general overview so I can narrow my search topics and think outside of the box and ideas that I've had swimming in my head already. Your words will in no way be factored into my post. If there are any sources (online, book, etc.) that you can think of that would be beneficial, I'd appreciate it so much.

So, to sum it up: What causes eating disorders? To what extent, if any, is the media to blame?
Thanks you guys! :)
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