i don't think i'll ever come back down (music_stops) wrote in ed_ucate,
i don't think i'll ever come back down

this is why i don't watch fox news.

I just saw this video posted in ohnotheydidnt about American Idol contestant Jordin Sparks. It's from a show on Fox News, and basically a woman comes on and talks about how Jordin shouldn't be allowed to win American Idol because she is promoting obesity.

And here's the Oh No They Didn't link:


Personally, I think this entire line of thinking is completely ridiculous, especially since Jordin isn't even close to obese. I think she's gorgeous. (If you want to talk obese, where was this woman when Ruben Studdard was winning?) But the idea that a contestant on a show like this should be barred from winning because of their weight is terrible.
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