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like anyone who's worn the battered wings of a violent eating disorder, i used to be a straight A student. Or I could've been, at the very least. Then anoh-wreck-sia had me for five long years and since recovering I've noticed an alarming decline in my intellect. For the first time in my life I actually have to work damn hard to get a decent grade, or even pass. A big part of it is adjusting to university after a traumatic first-year, and maybe I'm more of a perfectionist these days.. but honestly, I was a smart kid. Now I've dropped out of uni, because I've simply lost faith in my capacity to finish.

I figure that long-term malnourishment or psychological trauma can cause a deficit in cerebral development and/or function. I have trouble remembering the names of people and places, even close friends. That's embarrasing. And when I picked up my year twelve math text I thought it was a different language, even though I scored in the high 90's on my final. I've had my IQ tested twice before falling, and I think it'd be worth having it done for my own interest.

I have every intention of going back next semester. I'm enrolling in some short courses and doing some revision in the hope that maybe some of it will come back to me, and if it doesn't then I guess that's just another damned consequence of this damned disease.

Has anyone else noticed a significant decline in their intelligence, and more interestingly, have you any proof??
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