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Opinions on the idea that "relapse is part of recovery"

I'm new to this community, but I was looking for some opinions on this subject. I recently completely a twelve week daily treatment program and was hospitalized for three week before that. I haven't used any behaviors (restricting, binging, purging) since the day before I was put inpatient. The problems is, I feel like people in my treatment team don't always believe me when I say that because they believe that everybody relapses when they're in recovery. When I was in treatment, we did a check-in group in the mornings and the facilitator always reminded us that "if you're going through treatment perfectly, you're probably not doing it right." I'm not saying that I've gone through treatment perfectly, as I have had struggles, but I never used disordered behaviours. There were times when I would question if my recovery was even real because I wasn't struggling with my disorder the same way that other people were.

I was wondering if anybody else had come across this mentatlity in treatment and what they thought about it. Personally, I do think that relapses are pretty regular during recovery, but I don't think that anybody has the same experience in recovery. 

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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help with self diagnosis

First of all, I hope I've understood everything alright and this post is allowed to be here. If not, please let me know and I'll remove it, or please message me privately - I could really use some help.

The thing is, I've never been sure as to whether my issue is an eating disorder, or disordered eating. For the longest time, I thought that it might just be EDNOS, but looking through some of the memories of this journal, I'm beginning to second guess that. This isn't something I'm at all comfortable discussing with my family doctor - or anyone around me actually - so I'm hoping someone here will be able give me a hand.

What I thought might be EDNOS, I'm now starting to think could be BED. I don't think it could be 'extreme' enough to be bulimia nervosa, but...for all I know, that's denial and pride talking. I'll try to summarize things as best I can without taking up too much time of the person kind enough to take the time to read all this...

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Thank you very much, whomever you may be, if you actually got through reading all that ^////^;;

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making structured eating a habit

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and please do tell me if I'm asking 'appropriate' questions and if not, where would be a better community for me. I don't want to disrupt anything here - non-intentionally of course!

In recovery, why are binges and over-eating so common? I used to be more restrictive, and now I find myself binge-eating more. I don't purge now I think that is a good thing, however I hate feeling so out-of-control with the eating. Is this natural? Is it my body's way of trying to get to a balance of sorts?

I have heard of something called structured eating, which is eating certain times of the day regardless of anything else. The problem is, I'm not sure how to start this. I overeeat especially at night, so I feel no appetite during the day, only to repeat this same cycle. How does one break from this?

ED's without medical complications.

I have had an ed for years. I'd say at least five. Anyways, beside a vitamin D defiiency, I'm not really off in my blood work. I've never had an electrolyte imbalance, low blood pressure, low heart rate, etc, and sometimes I wonder why some people have medical complications, while othes don't.

Can anyone relate?

rules reminder

Hey, everyone, I've noticed that there are some posts from the last few weeks that are asking medical questions, and I wanted to post a reminder of the rules.


It's OK to mention medical topics in a discussion setting. I know it's kind of a fine distinction, but try to think about it before you post.

OK questions:
- Has anyone ever been to ____________ facility? What was it like for you?
- What is _______________ treatment like? Have you experienced this? Was it helpful to you personally?
- Here's an interesting study of the effect of ______________ vitamin/food. What are your opinions on this research?

BAD questions:
- How much of ______________ medication should I take?
- Will I be OK if I do ___________________ with my meds/food/body?
- I have ____________________ symptoms. What does this mean?

Please see http://ed-ucate.livejournal.com/161715.html for more information.

Basically, ask yourself, "Is a doctor going to be the best person to answer this question?" If the answer is yes, please do not post it in a non-discussion context.

Blood test?

Hi guys I'm getting a blood test tomorrow and I heard I should fast for 12 HOURS before so that there is no fat in the blood system. This might sound stupid but is binging and purging okay? If I purge it all out and there isn't any food in my "system"? How about chewing and spitting since I won't swallow anything? I realize my question is very dumb but I appreciate a reply. Thanks..

EDIT: I got the results this morning. Apparently my blood is fine not much to worry about but he did mention that I have a very low white blood cell count. He spoke to my mum I wasn't there so I couldn't ask questions. Google is just freaking me out because it diagnoses me with all these horrible diseases so I don't want to google anymore lol. Is it normal to have low WBC? And is it in any way related to my ED? 

Research Study- Share your Experience If You Cut

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If you are interested in contributing to this research, please visit: 


If you have any questions, please email Tatyana Kholodkov at tkholodk@uwyo.edu or Dr. Carolyn Pepper at cpepper@uwyo.edu

Thank you for your time!