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More about asperger/autism and EDs

I showed the article posted last week to my sister, and looking over it we noticed some issues with the test that we all responded to.

Many of the questions could also be explained by depression, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorder, rather than ONLY by a disorder on the autism spectrum. When my sister went through the questions, she found 29 that could be explained by depression, anxiety, or OCD, 2 that she didn't feel were relevant, 19 that were valid for assessing autism spectrum disorders. While she's by no means a professional, she's worked with people with autism/aspergers and looked at the DSM for several disorders while doing this...

And then I re-took the test. At the moment, I've recently finished an inpatient program and I'm doing really well. My score on the test was 11 (very low end of average). Just now, I took the test again, answering as I would have before entering treatment in November, when I was extremely anxious and depressed. My score was 29.

I just thought this was an important point for our earlier discussion, but put it in a new post because nobody's going to check back on the 110 comments.

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