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Age: 17

Gender: female

Height: 5'9

Weight: 134

BMI: 20.1

ED: I have been anorexic for about 10 months without knowing it. Then after I read an article about EDs at my best friend's I totally freaked out because I filled up all the criterias for anorexia! So I decided to start eating normally again, copying my friends' eating habits. It unfortunately didn't work. I started gaining weight like crazy because my body needed food! Now I have lost some weight again but I still don't have normal eating habits. I guess I am ED-NOS. I wanna be skinny again but I am afraid I am going to fall back into anorexia. I'll try to lose weight the healthy way this time, but it is really hard, since I am counting calories like before and I know all the tricks to lose weight faster. I also started exercising intensively again. It's a f*** disease that won't let me live my life normally...

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: self-diagnosed

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Girls who think they know everything about EDs because they skipped one meal in their life. I also can't stand thinspiration pictures. I never needed them and I don't think any anorexic girl needs to look at a girl with a healthy weight to help her lose weight... I wish we could prevent eating disorders before they even occur. I am also afraid that those wannarexics are going to turn one day into real anorexic. That's the sad part of it.

How I found my way here: Through a user's interest and a comment left in the proanorexia community.

Questions/comments/concerns: mhmm not any for now, but I would just ask all of you not to care too much about my writing/spelling/whatever because I am French speaking and I know my English isn't perfect!
I also love what this community does, for example when they post into other communities to educate some wannarexics! GOOD JOB!!


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