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What is the biggest influence?

So sorry if this is redundant and has been done a billion times but...

I had a little bit of *cough* bitch fight*cough* with a girl about what was the biggest influence in people developing eating disorders.

So I'm curious...what was it for you? What would you say was the main factor that contributed to you developing an eating disorder?

For me I think it was 
a) my parents-they are not exactly ideal and TBH I think that a lot of eating disordered people do not have quite supportive/friendly parents. I'm sure some have amazing parents but my earliest memories are of my mum telling me I was "pudgy" and my dad telling me I should lose weight.  Sigh.
b) my built-in "must be perfect" attitude-being a people please (I'm sure many of you can relate to this) and somewhat perfectionist I'd always degrade myself if I wasn't "good enough" or "didn't try hard enough".  I'd always thought that if I tried hard enough, if I was just good no perfect in every way-smart, pretty, thin, popular my parents would FINALLY approve and be nicer...

For me my family was a huge and easily the main contributor to my ED this the same for most? I don't never really played a HUGE role for me. I never looked at magazines/models and felt pressured to look like them. I never turned on the TV and thought "I want to be like that". 

I DID however equate thin=successful...but that seems more of societies influence then the media? 
Anyway, I'd like to know some of your reasons.

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