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EDs and your approach to sex

I think this question's been asked before, but the only result I came up with in my search of LJ was from December 2006, so it seems like it could be alright to ask again (if not: mods, you are my gods):

How does your eating disorder affect your sex-life? Or even your approach to sex? Or doesn't it?

I know the stereotype says that sex is treated like food: anorexics avoid it and bulimics abuse it -- for probably the same reasons, too. It involves a recognition of one's body, of one's corporeality (and here I could go all Heideggerian on you, but for the sake of everyone involved, I won't), etc.

But does it hold up? At least for me, it works the opposite way. If I'm on a binge/purge cycle, I seriously get turned off sex -- somehow it feels dirty, or because I'm focusing so much on food, I just don't concentrate on anything else. But if I'm restricting, all of a sudden I become a, for lack of a more polite phrase, horndog. It's a release and seeing myself through someone else's eyes is the only time I don't hate myself.

Anyway -- how do others respond to their sexuality, in relation to their eating disorder?

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