ambivalent (idealusion) wrote in ed_ucate,

combatting "fat talk"

one of the things that really brings me down is so-called "fat talk" ... statements made to degrade oneself or others based on their appearance or behaviors related to appearance. it has become so prevalent in western culture that i even read that women who DON'T participate in such talk are viewed as less popular!

so i was thinking of ways to combat this phenomenon and wanted some help brainstorming.

for example, the common type you hear is, "these jeans make my butt look huge." but some of the other things i've heard are not so obvious, but still get under my skin, ESPECIALLY when people talk about being "good" or "bad" when it comes to food choices. and weight comments in general, even when they are supposedly positive, like, "oh, well, you can eat that because you're thin."

so what are some examples of fat talk you've heard and what would be a good way to respond?

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