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Has anyone here ever done or been to FA (Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous)?

It's a 12-step recovery programme that encourages abstinance from flour and sugar, following the traditions of groups such as AA. You have a sponsor who gives you a meal plan, who you speak to every morning and tell what you are going to eat that day. I have recently started this in a hope to recover from my bulimia. I am struggling quite a lot, the food plan seems very restrictive and disciplined, which is not easy for me! I am also going to really struggle with giving up alcohol and caffeine...eep. This must sound rather lame, I do really want to recover, but this is really hard! I feel like I'm going to crack at any moment.

it's quite different from usual ED-treatment, which I've done for a few years, a very different approach (i.e. forbidding foods, not allowing snacking, involves weighing and measuring your food), but I thought it might be worth a try, it is very inspiring to meet people with AN, BN and COE who are now fully recovered and so happy thanks to this programme. I do want that, but can I stick this out? any advice appreciated.

I'll probably be updating quite regularly about my experiences in trying this program in my diary if anyone is interested

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