Jen (theotherme_jen) wrote in ed_ucate,

Blood and Purging

I haven't actually purged in a month, until tonight that is. Actually, more like...a month and a week, but really who's counting?

Anyway. I wanted ice cream. So I had ice cream. And I had had dinner (a cup of soup and salad) an hour earlier, with some baby carrots and that came up too. I also had some blood come up. I've had blood come up before but this was more than normal.

I've asked the question before in purgatorium, and I haven't purged in awhile, like I said. before that, since Jan., it had been a sparse activity. However, in 2004, I was purging almost every day from mid Sept to mid Dec. And in that time, I barely had any blood showing up, if any.

In purgatorium,they mentioned as long as it's not dark red and that, it probably isn't anything but a scratched throat, and it was still the bright red type of stuff, except, there was more than usual. It scared me a little, i must admit. Of course, I'm real dizzy right now but that's normal...

my question is: what are your experiances, if you purge, that get blood in the vomit when it comes up, and what do you do when it happens? for those who don't purge, what do you know about it?

It just doesn't really make sense that after this type of break, and sparse purging activity, that I'd have this amount of blood coming from just a scratched throat. It wasn't a major amount, mind you...I'd say a less than or about a tablespoon, but it was more than yeah. That's all I really had to asked. So. Discuss.

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