Marisa (marisaintransit) wrote in ed_ucate,

Not feeling like you were a "real" bulimic

Hello I was wondering if anyone ever had the same thoughts as I have. I was bulimic from the time I was in seventh grade until my junior year of high school. When I look back on those years it is as if they are a daze and everything has blended into something I only sort of remember as a very distant past in a life that I was merely coasting through and not actually existing in.
Though I was horribly horribly ill, I never can convince myself of that. I never really felt like I was a "real" bulimic although I was. I think this may have had something to do with the fact that I never saw myself as thin and my weight changed so drastically month to month.
Has anyone else had this similar feeling? Like you were never the real deal? I know it's a sick thing to want tobe able to acknowledge, but it's just weird to me.

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