Ruby Tuesday (oleander_queen) wrote in ed_ucate,
Ruby Tuesday

Purity: For those interested in sharing their views

I'm currently working on an installation and video performance piece that deals with the connection between the ideal of 'purity' and the rituals that people partake in to reach this goal. My main focus is on the acts of self mutilation/ self deprivation that lead to "spiritual purity" in a religious and non-religious sense.

Obvious example: Monks practice self mutilation (flagellation) to rid themselves of "spiritual impurity", whereas an ED sufferer could practice purging or restriction among other things to achieve the same goal of "purity". Depending on context, the same behaviour, with the same goal, can be defined as 'devout' or 'crazy.' (I won't add my personal opinion on whether or not those terms should be divorced from each other ;)

I'd appreciate any input/personal experiences with this concept.

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