rags of my anatomy. (vestural) wrote in ed_ucate,
rags of my anatomy.

treatment for digestive problems + ED

i've had stomach problems for nine months now and after stomach x-rays and prescribed medications (nexium and prevacid have failed) i'm finally coming to the conclusion that it all could be related to or caused by having EDNOS. in a few weeks i'm going to see a naturopath for the first time and her approach sounds very thorough and potentially quite helpful. obviously my nutritional intake is going to be examined and i'm nervous about how she will react to my eating disorder. i'm sure i'm not the only person to have come to her with an ED and subsequent problems, but i'm still afraid she will become frustrated if i can't easily make the changes my diet needs right away. it's much harder for someone with an eating disorder to introduce new foods and cut out other foods just because they are told to.

i was reading through the community's memories and found this post to be helpful:
Other digestive problems triggered by an ED?
after reading the responses there i started wondering if any of you have sought treatment for your digestive problems (directly ED related or not) and how your ED factored into that treatment. were the people treating you understanding? how did your digestive problem treatments affect your eating disorder and vice versa?

anything you could share with me would be great. ♥

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