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Attack of the Thinspo Videos!!

Hey, y'all. This is my second entry in what? Less than a month? I swear I'll cut back after this.

Let me know if this isn't allowed - I know the rules say that there is to be no thinspiration without any exceptions. Just delete this if this isn't allowed. I looked and didn't see this topic anywhere, so here goes.

I've been on youtube searching around for videos by individuals with ED's or about eating disorders. In the past few weeks I've notice a massive influx of thinspiration videos - more than I've ever seen before at any one time. It's like an infestation. The media attention centering around the online pro-ana communities and the attempts in Europe to squash them seems to be having no significant effect on the circulation of these videos.

I just want opinions on the current youtube epidemic of these videos, the good and the bad opinions on it. I especially want to here from people who make and/or watch these videos. Don't be shy. I know that a few of the videos are made by girls and boys from livejournal communities. The floor is open - all opinions are welcome. Defend it, denounce it, whatever.
I'd also like to add that I happen to like thinspiration (from here on referred to as thinspo)  photos - not videos  - because I happen to think that thin bodies are fascinating or beautiful. I'm not looking at them with the intention of triggering myself or being inspired into any behavior or away from any behavior. It's hard to explain, but I'm just sort of admiring from a distance. So I don't want anyone to think that they can't step forward and reply just because they like thinspo and think they are in the minority here.

Unfortunately, I've had to watch a few of the videos to form an opinion. It was boring, which leads me to my first impression:

The Bad:

1. They're one dimensional:  Boooring. A majority are full of either photoshopped models or Mary Kate posing/smirking girls. They all look alike to me. They are more than likely less than 17 years old, blonde, obviously upper-middle class, wearing trendy clothes, and contorting their bodies to make them look thinner or cool or something. There's an obvious demographic being targeted here and it's not lower-middle class, black, 25 y/o, T-shirt and jeans wearing girls. So how would they appeal to me?

2. They're unrealistic: This is going to be a little controversial. I understand that you cannot tell the severity of an ED just by looking at someone - I don't want anyone to believe that based on the following statements. But, a lot of these girls in these videos, especially the ones that feature 'real thinspo', probably aren't sick. Is that what people think of when they picture how disordered individuals look? They aren't even close. Smiling, laughing, partying girls in bikinis aren't the first thing I think of when I think of an ED - especially any ED besides anorexia!

3. The music is killing me: Man, I actually used to like Fiona Apple's Paperbag. Now it's one of those *~Ana Songz~*.  And it's always the same songs over and over. Somebody else list them, I don't feel like it.

The Good:

1. Lack scary skinny images: I think that there is a misconception about the types of photos featured in these videos. Some of these girls appear to be in healthy BMI ranges for their age. The media would have you believe that the videos are full of skeletal , emaciated sufferers - I don't think that these make up a majority of the videos. Usually if they are graphic, there's a warning disclaimer in the video description and a bunch of comments from pro-ana supporters about how the individuals in the videos aren't attractive. Not everyone who makes these videos strives to be emaciated so maybe there is some hope for them. I have to at least admire and acknowledge that. Sure the behaviors and tactics are warped, but at least the visualization of their 'after body' isn't warped... yet.

2. Artistic Creativity, Imagination: I'm all for art and creativity. These girls/boys seem to enjoy making these videos. Even if the videos are a insulting and twisted, they could be engaging in less productive and more destructive activities in the time that they are using to gather images and make a video.

Alright those are a few of my impressions. Your turn.


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