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My insurance company is TRYING to KILL ME!

I called my insurance company myself today instead of my doc or case worker doing it, and I got the real lowdown.

1-They will only pay 50% ($9600) of 12 days out of network.
2-They will only pay for 70% of 12 day in-net work. They suggest UW Hospital Psych Unit, who I know will not take patients with EDs, so I told her this and she said "Than the only option is a medical hospitalization". Even if the psych unit would take me I figured out the co-oay would be $6600.00.
3-They Denied the appeal for tube feed as medically un-necessary, to spite a now nearly 50 pound weight loss in 3-1/2 months, 3 hospitalizions, 3 weeks on bed get the idea.

So that is what is...

And emotionally I'm ok with it. I do really need INPT care. But it's just not going to happen. No-one will co-sign a loan to help me that way. I don't have, gosh Renfrew quoted me $52,000.00, and that's on the sliding scale.

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