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does this record label make me look fat?

Aaaaand, society's estimation of absurd body image takes another victim: evidently Amanda Palmer (of the Dresden Dolls) is "too fat" to show her stomach in her new video, according to her record label... because the sight of an untoned tummy is just too "disturbing" for audiences.

I may have weird body image issues for myself, but to see this kind of screwed up message being promulgated by corporations is kind of shocking. Clearly, the only reason listeners/viewers patronize female artists is for their Playboy-worthy pin-up value, right?

The blogger says it quite well when she writes that what I find amazing about that is how a poochy belly so wee it's practically indiscernible on that video must be instantly demonized and linked to the encouragement of obesity, instead of being praised as an example of a healthy body exhibited by a confident woman and linked to the discouragement of eating disorders.


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