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Age: 14

Gender: Female

Height: 5ft 7.5

Weight: 144

BMI: 22.6

ED: Ed-Nos (I'm all over the place).

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self, but I don't think it'd take a rocket scientist to work out I have an ED :\

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: People who say they've been 'ana' for 3 years. Yet their LW, CW and HW are all within 10lbs.

How I found my way here: I found it on someones userinfo :)

Questions/comments/concerns: Finally I've found a community which isnt ana-wannabe, but yet isn't for the 'elite'. Personally, I think I go through the same shit as any other ED person. I hate that people think Ed-Nos isn't as serious as any other ED. A few more things about me, I have a weird obsession with healthy food, and when I do binge it's rarely on junk food, but on stuff like brown bread. Recently I've had more bulimic beheviours, and I probably fit nicely into the diagnosis for bulimia. But I refuse to believe I am :\

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