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Hello community; happy new year.

 I have a question to pose to the community.
As a person with an eating disorder who has been in recovery for awhile, a new year has always meant the start of a new diet for me, or swearing to myself I wouldnt swear myself to a diet. This year, however, my resolution was to be unselfish, something I've been actively working on, and struggle with.
It was also to be healthy. 
I realized lately that my eating disorder isn't something I think about daily, if I'm lucky. I used to devote hours to obsession and self loathing, and self pity. I also discovered without even realizing, I've made huge steps for myself, and I want and need to keep progressing. 

 What was the moment for anyone in recovery that they realized that their eating disorder wasn't the biggest part of their lives anymore?

PS I hope everyone is well, and feeling hopeful for the new year.


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