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eating disorder careers

i face a dilemma at this point in my life. i have done a lot to prepare myself for a career in eating disorder research/treatment/prevention -- i have done a lot of work in health education and promotion, i earned a master's degree in clinical psychology, i am a certified personal trainer. i truly would like to do my part to help others who are going through the hell i went through.


as i am now looking for a job, i am seriously questioning whether this is the right move for me. i am not worried about a relapse, as i am probably in the best psychological and physical state in my life right now. but my concern is more so like this: my eating disorder took up so much of my life, why would i want to spend any more of my life around eating disorders? why not just try to rid myself of them as much as possible?

of course, this makes me feel very frustrated because i can't help but think i have wasted my education (and money) getting myself to this point where i am thinking about doing something completely unrelated. but i tell myself and mostly believe that i got a lot out of my journey and my intentions were noble. i just don't know if it is the best thing for me to continue on this path.

so my question: for those of you considering careers where you will work with eating disorders, what has been your thought process concerning this choice? for those already in some sort of eating-disorder-related career, what make you decide ultimately to go that route? looking back, was it a good decision or do you wish you had done something else and why?

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