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Almost 5'2".  Close enough that even my doctor rounds up.

The last time I was able to weigh myself accurately was at the beginning of last month, and at that time, I weighed 97.5 lbs.  Next paycheck I get, I should really buy a scale.

17.8 (Again, this is going by old numbers, but they're probably still fairly accurate.)

ED-NOS at this point, but I probably met the diagnostic criteria for anorexia nervosa not so long ago, and the criteria for bulimia nervosa when I was much younger.

Last time I saw my psych records, which was nearly two years ago now, there were lots of notes from various doctors about a "possible" ED diagnosis, but I don't think it was confirmed at that time.  Since then, I think that a diagnosis of ED-NOS has been added, although I am not positive.  I've been treated for an eating disorder since the last time I requested a copy of my records, so I think that it's probably on my chart by now.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities:
People who anthropomorphize diseases by talking about how "Ana" loves them.  Um, no "she" doesn't.  It's not just inaccurate and ignorant, I also think it's creepy as fuck.  The people who abbreviate anorexia to ana still bug me, but they don't freak me out the way the folks who talk about anorexia as a person do, and I'll try to sometimes forgive the former.
Also, the glamorization of eating disorders.  I'm not going to argue for forced recovery because that's not something I believe in, but I think it's unethical to try to present something that's ugly as sin (and not just physically) as attractive, comparatively safe, and worth working for.
Oh, and the way EDs are portrayed as something that is unique to teenage girls.  I'm still technically a teenager, but I had problems with disordered eating before I got to adolescence, and the person who had the severest case of anorexia I've ever personally seen was a junior-high-aged boy I met in the hospital.
Heh, I have too many peeves.  I should be nicer.

How I found my way here:
I was browsing my friends' user info pages, and some of them were members.  Thus, I decided to check out the community because I liked the name.

Um, I'm really verbose sometimes, and so even though I don't always comment or post much, I do get pretty long-winded.  Also, I have a deep and abiding love for technical terms and medical jargon, so I apologize if it ever seems like I'm trying to show off - I'm very rarely trying to do that.



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