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Query about usage of dietary supplements (holistic, herbal, non-prescription)

Hey there kids, I've been a member of ed_u for probably almost its entire existence under various journal names, but I haven't posted in a hell of a long time so I'd bet no one even remembers me (fine with me, I've come to relish anonymity).

My question to you all is multi-layered, so feel free to answer one or all of the parts (or even better, add on to my preexisting questions):

1) I'm wondering how many members here take one or more dietary supplements on a regular basis, specifically holistic, homeopathic, and other related non-prescription supplements, and what you take.
I, for instance, on a daily basis take organic, vegetarian supplements of biotin, flax oil, psyllium husk, Acidophilus, and Vitamins E and K. Daily, I additionally take homeopathic supplements for nervousness, hypersensitivity, and mood swings; I also take homeopathic supplements for menstruation and abdominal discomfort when needed. On top of that I typically drink 1-3 Emergen-C packets daily, and take a shot of water with a homeopathic immunity defense serum. I also often take a two-ounce shot of organic juiced ginger when I am at work, as well as the occasion dosing of echinacea in water.
A) What has your experience relative to your health and to your disordered eating been since taking one or more supplements? Have you noticed positive effects (physical, mental, emotional)? Any adverse effects?
I've struggled with multiple eating disorders for a number of years now. As a result, my hair got to be very weak and literally ceased to grow, and my skin and nails became drier and rather brittle. Additionally, purging caused my teeth to yellow slightly and wore the enamel of my teeth away significantly. I've noticed a marked improvement in all of these conditions since I started a supplement regimen, specifically after a while of taking biotin tabs and flax oil softgels. I've also not gotten sick since before I started up my elaborate self-remedying, even when my roommate, best friend, and boyfriend all had the stomach flu, which I attribute to all of the immunity defense treatments I make use of.

2) I expect not to get too much feedback here, but I'd also be curious to know if anyone that makes use of holistic/homeopathic medicines also engages in behaviors seemingly in contrast with their supplementation, when looking at the person without the perception of their eating disorder.
I probably look like an orthorexic health nut to anyone who sees me taking my plethora of daily supplements, but I don't consider myself to be such because I think that the routine has far more to do with my eating disorder(s) than it does with an actual desire for health. I actively engage in behaviors as far from orthorexic as can be: I drink probably 30-40 ounces of diet soda and/or diet energy drinks weekly, and I often abuse amphetamines to starve myself. Additionally, I sometimes binge on non-vegan, non-organic foods and then purge through vomiting. I also am a barista, and as a direct result consume mass amounts of caffeine nearly ever day (this "crime" is less severe in my eyes because I'm actually a total snob when it comes to espresso; you can't tell if you're pulling good shots and grinding well unless you're constantly tasting it). Regardless of whether I am eating healthily, restricting dramatically, or binge/purging, I maintain my supplement regimen.

I'd love to read any answers or get into any sort of dialogue you'd like to send my way. I'm always trolling for the experience and opinions of people.

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