Anna (xhabitualshine) wrote in ed_ucate,

ON: Reflux

I would like opinions and experiences please =]

I was recently diagnosed with a stomach reflux, because it's been getting increasingly worse in the last few weeks to the point where after I eat I feel like an infant. I have series of painful burps and sometimes spittup a little in my mouth. I've noticed that this feeds horribly into my eating disorder- I don't want to eat. I just don't want to. It hurts and all those little tips and tricks I try and don't seem to help. Has anyone else ever had anything like this?

Also, I like to think that I've concurred the bulimic stage of my life now, it was almost a year ago now that I "officially" stone cold stopped, but I've only have very few slip ups in the last year. Maybe this whole thing started around then. Is that possible? Could that of caused me to have this?

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