Suviphi (suviphi) wrote in ed_ucate,

Living Liver

Hi, I'm not new to this community. In fact, I've been reading the entries here for a long time and I love how much this community focuses on the share of medical information and studies about eating disorders and how it relates to us instead of reading endless pages on how someone accidentally binged and now they're going to restrict for the rest of their lives.

I'm not trying to put anyone down, but this community feels much more grounded on sharing knowledge and discussion rather than entries of self-worthlessness. It's more refreshing, more encouraging for me to question my own eating disorder and how it's affecting me.

So I have this question that I want to ask some of you since I can't seem to find much information on this topic. I'm aware anorexia affects multiple organs of your body. I visited my physician last week and I think he was trying to put my situation into 'nicer' words by sayng my liver is trying to compensate and keep the homeostatis in my body but it's not working out. To me, it sounded like he was tryring to say that my liver is showing signs of failure. The reason why this doesn't come across frightening to me is because I simply assumed it won't get any worse. I've never been hospitalized for my anorexia, never reached the low levels that I see most people with anorexia achieve. I've only went to the emergency room once because I took too many laxatives but they just made me sit there and sent me back home on the same night after a simple blood test and said everything was OK.

Wherever I read online, I read along the lines of "anorexia affects the liver causing damage" but how? Every article I read reduced the importance of the liver to a few words in a sentence and talked more about body distortion, which really what anorexia is too, but hey, I can live with some body distortion but I can't live without a liver.

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