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spatial dysmorphia?

This question may be slightly off-topic... but I'm curious.

Body dysmorphia is a known accompanier of eating disorders: the inability to see your body for the size it truly is. Seeing yourself as being far larger than you are is one thing... but here is my question:

Does anyone else have dysmorphic perception regarding other things/other entities? Seeing objects as taking up far more space than their physical dimensions would indicate?

I never even thought about this, until my fiance and I started decorating/talking about decorating the house that we just bought. I keep having rather serious issues with trying to scope out how much space we have for, say, a table or a new couch. My mantra (much-mocked, albeit lovingly) has become "I don't think there's space for that"... and then we go home, tape out the space on the floor, and I try to reconcile what I see with what I think I see. Everything just looks so BIG. A 36" square table, standing in the showroom, looks like it could dwarf our enormous living room, even if the taped out markings on the floor look tiny.

Thoughts? Does this happen to anyone else?

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