june_bugxo (june_bugxo) wrote in ed_ucate,

hii, first time posting.
sorry, but im going to try to make this quick.
add me as a friend if you want to get to know me better :)
anyways, i told my friend about my ED.
and i'm really trying to explain to her what it is about.
there was this artice i read, and i loved it.
it went something like
"anorexia is.."
and then listed a bunch of things about how awful the disease was.
some parts i remember were:
"it's about not having sex until my thighs don't touch, and by then i have no libido anyways.
its about wheat allergies, veganism, lactose intollerance..." etc.
thats not exactly how it goes, but its as close as i can get.
crap, thats all i can remember.
does anyone know what i'm talking about?
does anyone know where i can find it?
because right now i cant seem to find it anywhere..

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