lilacpetals (lilacpetals) wrote in ed_ucate,

Website design help

Hi everybody! I'm looking for somebody who's good at making websites to help me out.
For the past few years, I've been running the Purple Ribbon Campaign, which raises money for local charities that support people's recovery. Well, the campaign has grown a lot since it started, and it's outgrown its page. I want to get a domain name and make it a nice website...but I'm a dunce at html and the like.

Is there anybody who's up for a holiday project who knows stuff about making websites and who wants to help?

For more info on the campaign, here's the current website and the facebook group

Reply to this or message me if you're able to help!

Or, if you want to help raise money for any of the dozens of support centres around the world that I'm trying to raise money for, let me know. Every little bit counts.

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