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The Purple Ribbon Campaign

Hi Everyone,
I'd like to let you know about a project that I've been running for the past few years that has recently expanded and gone global. I started The Purple Ribbon Campaign in 2005 to raise money for Sheena's Place, an organization in Toronto that offers support groups and resources to help people recover. Since then, the campaign raises funds for several similar organizations in Canada and the UK. The goal of the campaign is to help these organizations (which are usually small and lack government support) stay afloat, and to raise awareness about eating disorders with the purple ribbons. the campaign runs in january and february of each year, peaking during eating disorders awareness week.

I'd like to get as many people on board as possible, and who better to help than you?

Here is the current website for the campaign:

I'm of course looking for as many volunteers as possible to sell purple ribbons for the support organization nearest you. But I'm also asking for any information that people can give me: I believe that I've found all of the support organizations in Canada, where I'm from, but I may be missing some in other countries, particularly in places where the websites for these organizations wouldn't be in english.

If there's an organization in your area that is missing from the list under "our charities," please let me know (and send the link to its site) so that I can add it. (note: i'm not looking for treatment centres here - the organizations that the campaign fundraises for are support organizations, the kind that run free support groups, give info to family and friends, offer prevention and awareness events, etc).

If you want to help sell ribbons, let me know! You can fundraise for any eating disorder support organization.

Thanks in advance!

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