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Research Paper Question!


I am working on a research paper on eating disorders. I was wondering if anyone could explain the relationship between serotonin, dopamine, and eating disorders to me. (I'm actually not sure if dopamine is related but I remember catching a glimpse of it while researching) So far, I have only come across abstracts for studies and the below excerpt. Can anyone direct me towards articles/studies discussing the relationship between serotonin and eating disorders? I just feel like this following source isn't credible enough.

"Serotonin is a brain chemical that plays a role in the control of emotions. Serotonin is also a factor in sexual response, impulse control, anger, sleep patterns, depression, anxiety, and hunger perceptions. Serotonin imbalances are associated with clinical depression and anxiety, two mental health disorders often found with anorexia nervosa.

The genetic variant in serotonin receptors found in anorexics may predispose them to high levels of serotonin. At high levels, serotonin can lead to health disorders such as anxiety. Serotonin levels decrease without access to food, so the self-starvation associated with anorexia will leave the person feeling calmer. As starvation reduces serotonin to very low levels, depression may set in.

Once the person eats again, serotonin levels rise again because the body requires certain amino acids to manufacture serotonin. The increase in serotonin may re-trigger anxiety symptoms. Some researchers fear this causes a vicious cycle in people predisposed to anorexia nervosa. Over time, the anorexic subconsciously learns to avoid anxiety by avoiding food thereby maintaining low serotonin levels"

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Thanks in advance!

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