Jane L. (velllum_lily) wrote in ed_ucate,
Jane L.

Age: 24
Gender: F
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lbs
BMI: 21.3
ED: none (though I did have a scary six months of a secretive, rather extreme diet at 16 when I first found myself growing out of my lanky adolescent body, but I think I was well informed of the dangers and frightened sufficiently by burgeoning obsession b/f anything took hold.)

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: uh, neither:)

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: While I think it's great there are venues for people with eating disorders to discuss relevent issues, it freaks me out to encounter communities filled with generally healthy kids flirting with anorexia or bulimia, as if it were some sort of cool, forbidden activity, like smoking in the schoolyard. Most people survive wacky diets with fairly intact relationships to food, but for some this sort of "harmless" behavior might trigger increasingly disordered attitudes toward food that could eventually lead to full-blown EDs.

How I found my way here: an lj-friend's user-info page.

Questions/comments/concerns: Let's see...I'm interested in mental health issues in general (from both a biological and psychological perspective), as well as physiology, nutrition, and philosophy. I've more recently become fascinated with eating disorders because they encompass these elements on different levels.

I've been impressed from what I've read so far of your openminded, intelligent approach, and hope to both learn from you all and maybe submit some article reviews from time to time...I just read a few journal articles on "refeeding syndrome," that seemed relevent to this community.

Oh, and I also am a big advocate of self-education on medical issues and feel like a major frustration in modern medicine is that the patients are treated as ancillary to their medical issues--how many times does a nurse take your blood pressure and not even bother to tell you? I'd be interested in hearing how prevelent this sort of system-imposed alienation from one's own disease is in the treatment of eating disorders, and what impact this has on patient recovery.


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