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Preventing a girl of devoting herself to Anorexia…?

~  EDIT below ~ 

There is a girl in our community who posted on our thread "Ana, your friend?" (I'll call her Linda.)

Linda searched for an Ana-Buddy and some pro-ana-websites, because she wanted to hunger herself until she weighs XY. She also said she knows everything about Anorexia (yeah, but she doesn't understand anything). I told her that Anorexia is the worst and slowest way to lose weight, that it is an mental illness which has nothing do to with food or losing weight  and that Anorexia is a kind of suicide. I finally show her ed_ucate, but I think she ignored it.

I asked her if she wants to lose weight or if she wants to become mentally disordered. 
Her response (I translate): "I want to lose weight and I want to take the mental illness upon me if it means that I can lose weight. Actually I understood the issue very well. I want to be thin and I want to use the extremest way to do so. I don't care if it leads to Anorexia. Btw: Ana doesn't mean that I have to go that far."

Another girl told her that you won't ever feel thin enough. Linda only responded: "If men and photographers think I am thin enough…"

Linda apparently wants to become a model and so she wants to hunger. She doesn't understand what Ana means and she doesn't care about the consequences. She thinks Anorexia is kind of religion. I think she is very desperate and I don't know if she can stop before it is to late - as I (hopefully) stopped before it was to late. 

I want to prevent that Linda becomes anorexic. Yes, her current weight is pretty high and she needs an diet, but she doesn't need Anorexia. I want to write her a private message and talk to her about my experiences and I want to show her a blog of a girl who suffers from Ana, but who doesn't glorifies it. But I am not sure, if this is he right way. What would you advice me? I can't help her, can I? 


Linda is 26 years old. She finally admit that she wants to become an famous actress ("like Sandra Bullock"… drama) and she is "already capable to hunger almost an whole week" - this really made me laugh, although… I think I am sort of pissed of. In her first entries she sounded just naive, but now she sounds like a wannarexic.

She also became aggressive - how we could dare to criticize her, because we are not her, we don't study medicine and we don't know her body.  And she knows best how to treat herself. Linda also explained that she has a difficult metabolism  (although she eats not very much she gains more and more weight (sounds something like a metabolic disease).)

I will send her some website like fishy and a blog of a German girl (as mentioned above).

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