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Diet Pill Company Approaches Gabourey Sidibe

Weight Loss Company Sees "Large Increase in Sales" After Appealing to Gabourey Sidibe

There has been a big debate about whether Gabourey Sidibe's weight will hamper her future career, despite her recent Oscar nomination.

Now, one weight loss company has written a letter to the 'Precious' star, telling her she needs to worry about her health -- not her image, TMZ reports. has offered the actress a one-year's supply of their product to help her lose weight.

AssaiSupply's publicist Kevin Blatt tells PopEater, "We have seen a large increase in sales today, but we have not yet heard from Ms. Sidibe. We are really hoping to. We want to help her maintain a healthy lifestyle. She has amazing potential, Oprah believes in her, and she could someday be on that stage accepting an Oscar. We can only put it out there for her, we hope she takes us up on our offer."
"The only way you can reach your goal of someday winning that Oscar is by being active, fit and most of all, healthy!" the CEO wrote to Sidibe.

Sidibe became the toast of Hollywood with her role as the titular character in 'Precious,' which earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. PopEater's own Rob Shuter chatted with Joy Behar about the actress' career, telling Joy that casting directors don't see much down the road for Sidibe. As Behar points out, Nikki Blonsky received high praise for her turn in 'Hairspray,' but the full-figured girl hasn't had work since.

Last week, Howard Stern ranted that Sidibe would never get another movie role because of her weight. "The point I was trying to make is that obesity in this country is out of control. What's really sad is that you do see people now saying it's OK to be this heavy, you have to love your own body, and you have to embrace it," he said.

"The reason Sidibe didn't win the award is because there wasn't as much acting except walking around like in a catatonic state," he continued. "It was more about her physical appearance that actually made her great in that movie. There really wasn't much acting involved. She was more of a prop."

Gabby at the Oscars


I don't even know where to begin... first of all it seems ironic that a diet pill company is advocating a healthy lifestyleAre they saying that the only reason she didn't win the Oscar is because she is not as thin as the other actresses?  I'm sure THAT alone is the reason... Also if you are easily offended, don't do a youtube search for the rest of Howard Stern's rant about Gabby - he is AWFUL to her.  

How do you feel about this diet company trying to reach out to Gabby in the interest of her "health?"   How much of an effect do you think her body will ultimately have on her acting career?  Are you as outraged about Howard Stern's comments as I am (the comments he has made outside of this article, if you've read them)?


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