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karma police, arrest this girl!


First time poster; I'm pretty sure this is within the posting guidelines?

This is kind of only generally related to my eating disorder, but I'm really in need of some advice. I think I want to talk to my mom about getting a therapist (I'm about 85% sure I have OCD) but I have no idea how to go about doing it. What would you say works / doesn't work? Is it worth it to try therapy in the first place?

Also, does anyone here have OCD? I've done a lot of research about it, not to sound all officious and presumptuous, but it explains so much and fits more than anything I've read about, which is a lot. Anyway, if you have OCD, has therapy or medication helped at all? Has the treatment you've received helped with your ED? I feel like the most harmful aspects of my problems are all directly related to obsessions / compulsions, including my food-related obsessions.

Thanks so much... I've been feeling desperate and lonely and I didn't really know who to ask.

This was somewhat x-posted to brains_omnomnom, but not completely.

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