MissMadiD (madid) wrote in ed_ucate,

Fussy eating is as bad as bulimia and anorexia.

Please tell me this is a joke?


Could being a picky eater put you in the same class as someone suffering from an eating disorder?
US researchers are considering creating an official classification that puts people who are fussy about what they eat in the same class as anorexia or bulimia sufferers, the UK's Daily Mail reported.
While "selective eaters" don't risk the same health problems as the other eating conditions, doctors are concerned they could suffer from nutritional deficiencies in the long term, potentially leading to bone and heart problems.

Researchers are currently considering including this new classification as an eating disorder in the new edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which is due to be published in 2013.

Fussy or picky eating is generally thought of as a phase that children go through, but thousands of adults are obsessive about the types of foods they will and won't eat.

Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh have launched an online survey in a bid to learn more about selective eaters — uncovering what types of foods people will and won't eat, as well as the textures and smells they avoid.

Selective eaters tend to prefer bland foods which are pale in colour such as plain pasta or cheese pizza. Hot chips and processed frozen chicken fingers also make it to their plates, the Daily Mail reported.

Researchers have speculated being a selective eater could be attributed to obsessive compulsive disorder, but further research is needed into how and why people make their food choices.

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