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soliciting input re: Eating Disorders in Women of Color

Hey guys, for my Psych of Women class I'm doing a literature review on Eating Disorders in Women of Color. I'd love to begin the paper with some representative voices; as they say, "the personal is the political" and I believe as much as we sorely need more studies and statistics on non-stereotypical (white, educated, middle/upper socioeconomic status) people with EDs, it's also valuable to hear the experiences of individuals (and perhaps harder to dismiss.)

I was looking through the intro posts of minority_ed and a lot of people mentioned encountering some of the same issues I want to try to tackle in this paper, so if you feel comfortable sharing this kind of personal experience, I'd love to hear your thoughts on being from a racial/ethnic/cultural background, community or population that isn't generally recognized as having EDs. Reactions from family/friends, treatment by medical professionals, your own feelings on having what many see as a "white girl disease" are things that seem to come up a lot, but anything on the topic you can think of really!

This paper will only be read by my professor, it will NOT be published or distributed outside of the class. I'd like to attribute the quotes to first name, age and location (i.e., "Samantha, 22, California" but you can of course use a pseudonym or an initial if you prefer.) Any questions, feel free to ask. I have an ED myself and have been active in LJ communities for years, so I'm not some outsider just looking for guinea pigs on the internet to make my work easier :)

*Obviously, males, genderqueer/trans people and people of different socioeconomic status/education levels get EDs too, but I'm focusing on Women of Color in North America/industrialized countries just because it's supposed to be no more than 8-10 pages, which is pretty damn brief!


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