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Going into the field of nutrition

Hello. I haven't used this account in beyond ages.

I am twenty years old and going into the field of nutrition and kinesiology. Let me give you a background.

From 14 until....well, fuck, recently? I've had eating problems. What was once a huge problem is hardly one now BUT to say it's completely gone would be colorfully foolish. I was messed up. I won't bother with labels or what I had or how bad I had it because I believe those are all just labels that fuck with yours and my head. ("Oh I was worse than her, oh I'm not as bad as her blah de blah blah") Doesn't matter.

Learning in depth about these two subjects have not only deterred my bad eating habits but reinforced and given me optimal stability in my health.

But this past month I've fallen into a bout of not eating, smoking cigarettes, and looking like a piss poor excuse for a young woman.

I feel I'm so bipolar on my eating. One moment, I'm so fucking disgusted with woman (&men?) and how we care so much and the whole idea of starving ourselves. I could ramble for literally hours about how STUPID I find eating disorders. Then weeks start to fade and I eat a little bit less, my anxiety rises, I check my butt out one too many times....and suddenly I can't get the fuck away from the mirror.

So do you think going into the career of health in regards to nutrition and exercise is a smart idea? On one hand, I have so much information in my hands regarding my health I find it impossible not to be rational and healthy. I find it completely liberating to eat normal. I find it horribly interesting how our physiology works in response to what nutrients we consume and how we work our bodies. But on the other hand, I feel that if I'm constantly surrounded by FOOD FOOD FOOD and EXERCISE EXERCISE it has the capabilities to become quite over-whelming.

I have an appointment with a dietician this coming week & am quite aware I'm going to do what I want to do in the end, but was curious to see your answers.

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