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Opinions on owning a scale and appropriate amount of exercise in recovery

1. Do you think owning a scale can be helpful in recovery for monitoring purposes or is it usually unnecessary/triggering?

I just got out of a PHP program a little less than a month ago, and in the program we were told pretty adamantly that our outpatient therapist should be weighing us or our weight should be monitored by someone at least weekly for awhile. My new therapist doesn't weigh me, and I don't go to the doctor that often. The only time I've seen my weight since then is on one of those bathroom scales at the mall you pay for, and I guess I could keep doing that but it's kind of a pain.Should I just go ahead and bite the bullet and buy yet another one (I was told by old therapists to be rid it) or do you think it's asking for trouble?  If it matters, I've been pretty consistently following through with meal plans/not using behaviors thus far so I think I'm doing "well" but I still have a lot of trust issues with my body and I think weighing myself might help (or not?) 

2. In your opinion what consists of a "healthy" amount of exercise without overdoing it? Keeping in mind an ED history, since obviously many athletes do hours a day and are fine. (I'm not an athlete). I have a history of being slightly obsessive with exercise, but it was not in the most  recent phase of my ED I was treated for and it was not to the point where I'd call it compulsive. So I'm okay to do it...I just don't know how much is too much or not enough.

Any input/personal experience would be appreciated, thanks :)


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