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Catherine Pancake

Article about recovery experiences and trends

For this week's Sunday Smörgåsbord, ED Bites recommended "Becoming 'Whole' Again: A Qualitative Study of Women's Views of Recovering From Anorexia Nervosa." A person on my flist sent me the full text as a PDF: download here.

There are NO triggering numbers used in the article. Behaviors are only mentioned by type ("restricting," "b/p"). Authors Jana Jenkins and Jane Ogden interviewed fifteen self-described recovered or recovering anorectic women about their disorders, recovery processes, and post-recovery changes over the phone; the article is a distillation of the themes they recognized among the women's stories. I was having a bad day, and reading it helped me.

I posted my thoughts while reading "Becoming 'Whole' Again" as well as notes on maintaining my own recovery here, if anyone's interested. (The Geraldine I refer to is my therapist.)

Impressions, of the study or the women's thoughts on recovering?

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