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Hello ed_ucate members,
I haven't posted here in quite a long time, though I do read through posts and comment. Anyways, I'm a student teacher and I've been having issues with something my associate teacher does. He's on one of those no-carb diets, and he discusses it with other teachers at knitting club in front of the children, explicitly calling various foods "bad" - even when the foods in question are ones that the majority of doctors and dieticians would call healthy. (one nine-year-old girl seemed simultaneously fascinated and confused) Anyways, today I found out that earlier this year, before I came, HE TOLD HIS GRADE ONE STUDENTS ALL ABOUT HIS DIET AND WHY HE'S ON IT AND WHY HE THINKS IT'S HEALTHY. (for those of you in countries other than Canada, grade one children are six and seven years old)

I'm not at all interested in debating his diet itself, as I've argued through it enough with him. However, when I told him that it's inappropriate to talk about crash diets, weight loss, things like that with young children, he could not understand why, and kept insisting that "[name of food] is bad for you, so why shouldn't I be telling the kids to never eat it?"

What I'm looking for are scholarly articles that discuss the effects of talking about dieting with young children. I'm sure I've read something on the subject, and that there are plenty of articles out there, I just can't find any.


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