___thinkingthin (___thinkingthin) wrote in ed_ucate,

I honestly have no clue whether this is "on-topic" enough to warrant not being deleted, but I just wanted to know more about the Terry Schiavo case. I've tried looking it up on a couple different search engines but the majority of what I am finding is news articles about the situation at present, and not much about what led up to this point.

What I know is that she was bulimic and that a potassium imbalance in her body caused her to have a heart attack and as a result she suffered a high degree of cell death in her brain, resulting in severe mental retardation. I know that there's a heated battle going on over whether or not to keep her on the feeding tube that's been keeping her alive for the past fifteen years, but that information is all that I know.

Does anyone have any relevant information on the topic, or can anyone direct me to a website(s) where I might be able to learn more?

Thanks in advance.

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