merrilou (merrilou) wrote in ed_ucate,

Setting up a new multi-author ed blog

Hope this is okay to post, it might also be quite interesting for those interested in eating disorders once it gets started.

I'm Liz just out of ip treatment. I've just set up a multi-author ed blog in the hope of raising awareness etc. because despite all the media attention eating disorders get, people just don't seem to understand the ridiculously hard process that is recovery.

I’m currently looking for people with eating disorders, whether that be binge eating, anorexia etc. to blog here and share their journey of managing or recovering from their disorder. Basically I’m not trying to exploit or offer a voyeuristic look into problems but just giving a blunt, honest view of an eating disordered person's everyday life. That said it doesn't even have to be completely ed related, it just sometimes helps to get your thoughts down and I found it quite helpful in realizing the extent of my issues. I’m not looking for a specific amount of dedication, you can post sporadically and it can be completely anonymous if you want.

If you're interested in becoming an author or just contributing odd bits just send me a message. Any constructive criticism for the site would also be much appreciated.


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