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Eating Disorders and Grief

Hi, all.


I’m working on a paper about grief and eating disorders for a graduate-level social work class. If you have a few minutes, would you mind answering a few questions for me? Any information included in the paper will be anonymous. In your answers, please keep in mind the guidelines of the community, and refrain from including details  and numbers that might be triggering, such as weights, calories, and other numbers. If you would like to keep your answers private from the community, or if you want to include more details but are worried about triggering people, feel free to send me your answers in a private message.


Thanks so much!


1) Briefly describe your eating disorder history:


2) Where are you currently in terms of the eating disorder, recovery, etc?


3) How do you define recovery, remission, (or however you define or describe it)?


4) Do you think of eating disorders as a chronic illness or do you think of yourself as someone living with a chronic illness? Why or why not?


5) How do feelings of loss and grief play into your e.d. experience? (e.g. Have you felt the need to grief the eating disorder in recovery? Have you had to grieve things that you lost to the e.d? Any other ways that grief has been part of your experience?)

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