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Bulimia is bulimia is bulimia?

We all know that a lot of people go through times of bulimia, overeating and anorexia in turns and that the lines between eating disorders blur a lot of the times. However, I suddenly find myself thinking "am I really bulimic at all?" since learning that I've got a metabolic disorder and can't lose weight normally/quickly/hardly at all. 
I found I thought I was "overeating" and having "binges" all the time because the amount of food seemed so much to me and because otherwise it would not have made sense that I couldn't lose weight while restricting. I was on a starvation diet, "messed" up a few times a week (and had a normal meal) and then threw it up. I was also exercising. I can count the real binges I had in my life on my fingers. But, if I'm not mistaken, a lot of anorexic people do know binges, too. 

I was wondering how many people are more likely to be diagnosed with anorexia with bulimic tendencies if they only had a lower BMI and vica versa. How many non-purging bulimics are misdiagnosed with anorexia because they are severely underweight?

I'm not sure how much it should really matter, since every eating disordered person is different and should get individual care. But I think it probably does matter a lot in the mistreatment of patients. I personally have always felt out of place in bulimic groups because I can't eat large amounts of food but of course, since I am not thin, I am not anorexic. But there isn't much advice/help out there for someone who doesn't fit perfectly into any of the two categories. 

How many of you have felt that they, technically, suffer from atypical eating disorders/ednos but were pushed into one of the two/three categories to get more medical recognition/better treatment?

Where you diagnosed with different eating disorders while not really changing your behaviour much. If so, were you treated differently? 

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